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Explore an alternative UX for Kolab 4
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Jul 14 2016, 12:41 PM
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Visualise some early thinking around how the front-end UX can be revolutionised to address the volume and management issues with user data and communication. Evolve the recently explored concept of time and space to deliver a new way of allowing the user to focus on the important items that they personally need to (or should) address, cutting through the noise to optimise their viewing experience.


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I would include the following key aspects;

  • Distract the user as little as possible, yet present the user with the most relevant content to interact with at the moment,
  • Aim for an interface so intuitive, there can be far fewer knobs and icons and checkboxes and radio buttons and select lists and notification areas and other such disturbing "what does this do?" and "what happens if i do this here?".

Some suggested implementation details to prototype a few wire-frames may include;

  • Swipe/Drag left and right on items presented in order to "have dealt with them",
  • Tap/Click an item to "zoom in" and present the full view (expand real estate or overlay), with the buttons for reply/like/favorite/less-of-this etc.,
  • Consider applications such as a full calendar view (because that's the very nature in which calendars work) and photo galleries to exist on a 3-dimensional cube of sorts. Perhaps not a cube, because it would have only 6 sides, and we may need to expand to more sides later.

The general idea would be to provide an interface to "all" of one's data -- including social networks, mail, groupware, in such a way it doesn't push the information down the user's throat (i.e. no notifications, perhaps only very subtle visual stimulus), and show only that which "matters".

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