RFE: Calendar events should be visible in Sent -emails folder
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With Kolab webmail when you send a new calendar event invitation to another user/participant, it is sent as an email, but the email is not copied to to "Sent"-emails folder.

Users expect to be able to see sent calendar event invitations in Sent emails folder.

Also when you accept/decline incoming calendar event invitation, the accept/decline reply is sent as an email, so users also expect to see these accept/decline replies in Sent -emails folder aswell.

For example Outlook/Exchange do copy sent calendar events to Sent emails, so users are used to that.

Aleksander Machniak earlier commented on

"That should be quite simple. You have to modify libcalendaring_itip::send_itip_message() method. The code to save a message in sent folder can be found in program/steps/mail/ Of course, the new option should be user-configurable, i.e. there should be some checkbox in Preferences > Calendar. Note, that this will also apply to tasks, but it already uses some calendar settings, so I think there's no need for separate configuration."


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