Resource name (cn) field becomes disabled
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In KE14 as well as in Winterfell, if I go to Settings and (without changing anything) I submit a form with any resource object type, e.g. Car the object type definition is modified in a way that the resource name input is disabled. Because of this you can change name of an existing resource nor add a new one.

Related, but maybe not the cause if the issue is non-sense definition of cn field in auto_form_fields:

"auto_form_fields" => Array(
        "cn" => Array(
                "data" => Array(

Note that before form submit as well as after, the cn field is marked as read-only in the form.


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That chunk of the config wasn't the culprit here. It's there to make sure resource names are unique - by automatically generating an unique name if already entered name exists.

What's more. If we remove it, kolabTargetFolder attribute will stop generate correctly. Which might be another issue.