Calendar: Display of year partially broken
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In the form for creating or editing an event, the year display is broken: Instead of the year, the string 'YYYY' is displayed.
Creating the event with the year set to this causes events to be created in the current year.
Changing the year to an actual year causes a Javascript error in jQuery UI: "Uncaught Unexpected literal at position 6" and the event can't be saved.
Additionally, the year displayed when opening an event by clicking on it is also set to 'YYYY'

The roundcube version is 1.2.0, calender version 3.2.9, libcalendaring version 3.2.9.
I am running this setup without kolab.


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Did you try in different browser? Exactly from where did you get these plugins?

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I've checked in Firefox and Vivaldi (Chrome).

Both plugins are cloned from as I needed the support for event copying.

How did you set this date format? From what I see for year only one "Y" letter should be used and this works. If I set date_format = 'd.m.YYYY' replacement works, though not in a way you'd expect.

Initially, I set 'calendar_date_format' in calendar/ to

This returns the broken date format we discussed and additionally shows the date of event repetitions (Dialog in image 2 above) as 01.01.2016201620162016.
When I change the date format in this config file to d.m.Y, the dialog title is 01.1.Y, the date in the dialog is 01.01.2016 (same dialog again).

When I comment this line in the config file, both dates are displayed correctly - the user's settings are used.

Ok, I forgot about this setting. It looks like upper-case Y is not supported. Here you have the list of supported formats:;e8aa73aae3e45791206b2912c083ff48bd2a244a$39

I suppose we could support Y too and internally convert it to y.

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