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ptloader support for groups, not roles
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Canonification doesn't work through non-role groups (or, non-memberOf group membership).

The existing code path does not allow for both group membership as well as canonification to exist in parallel / sequentially.

ldap_group_base: dc=example,dc=org
ldap_group_filter: (&(cn=%U)(objectclass=groupofnames)(|(objectclass=groupofuniquenames)(objectclass=groupofurls)))
ldap_group_scope: sub
ldap_member_base: dc=example,dc=org
ldap_member_method: filter
ldap_member_filter: (uniqueMember=%D)
ldap_member_attribute: cn


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The current patch allows authentication with uid (realmed, unrealmed), mail or alias, and results in the following membership determinations.

Below are the results from /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/ptdump, with the following syntax:

user: AUTHN_ID (originally supplied login username) -> AUTHZ_ID (result of user canonification)
user: cyrus-admin -> cyrus-admin
    time: 1464857045
    groups: 0
user: geek ->
    time: 1464856896
    groups: 1
user: ->
    time: 1464856927
    groups: 1
user: ->
    time: 1464857044
    groups: 1
user: ->
    time: 1464856943
    groups: 1

The changes to the Cyrus IMAP configuration look as follows (current defaults commented out):

auth_mech: pts
pts_module: ldap
ldap_servers: ldap://localhost:389
ldap_sasl: 0
ldap_base: dc=example,dc=org
ldap_bind_dn: uid=kolab-service,ou=Special Users,dc=example,dc=org
ldap_password: 1PLXa1m66wETqVO
#ldap_filter: (|(&(|(uid=cyrus-admin)(uid=cyrus-murder))(uid=%U))(&(|(uid=%U)(mail=%U@%d)(mail=%U@%r))(objectclass=kolabinetorgperson)))
ldap_filter: (|(&(|(uid=cyrus-admin)(uid=cyrus-murder))(uid=%U))(&(|(uid=%U)(alias=%u)(mail=%U@%d)(mail=%U@%r))(objectclass=kolabinetorgperson)))
ldap_user_attribute: mail
ldap_group_base: dc=example,dc=org
#ldap_group_filter: (&(cn=%u)(objectclass=ldapsubentry)(objectclass=nsroledefinition))
ldap_group_filter: (&(mail=%u)(objectclass=kolabgroupofuniquenames))
#ldap_group_scope: one
ldap_group_scope: sub
#ldap_member_base: ou=People,dc=example,dc=org
ldap_member_base: dc=example,dc=org
#ldap_member_method: attribute
ldap_member_method: filter
#ldap_member_attribute: nsrole
ldap_member_filter: (uniqueMember=%D)
ldap_member_attribute: mail
ldap_restart: 1
ldap_timeout: 10
ldap_time_limit: 10
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