return empty folder list if backend is disabled

Authored by dhoffend on Apr 13 2019, 7:04 PM.


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When the file storage has been disabled, return an empty list of folders
otherwise inaccessible folders will be listed

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In my case: the kolab was used as backend, the backend storage was disabled and an additional pre-defined source to a seafile server was configured. In the kolab_files folder list the Imap Files Folder always showed up, but couldn't be selected because the backend storage was disabled. This was confusing. When deleted it always got recreated, ether through the autocreate_folders section or kolab_folders plugin.

The best way IMO is to return an empty folder list when the backend_storage is disabled. Otherwise autocreate_folders and the kolab_folders plugin would need to be adjusted (well, they still could be tuned to match the autocreate_folders parameter in kolab.conf ...

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Thanks, I fixed this in another place. See c32f0674ace8.

Sounds good to me. Do you mind and accept the change in kolab-docs? D743