Implement LDAP-based CardDAV address book for Resources

Authored by fjl on Sep 17 2018, 10:40 AM.


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Kolab iRony optionally provides the LDAP-based GAL as a CardDAV resource. When you also want CalDAV/CardDAV-based clients to be able to book resources, they need to know the resources' e-mail address. This patch a second LDAP-generated address book for Resources.

  • To be able to subclass LDAPDirectory, allow overriding some member variables
  • Implement subclass LDAPResources
  • Publish and deliver the new resources
  • Add Configuration for resources

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PS: We use this patch in a setup where Outlook serves as a Kolab client, using a patched version of CalDavSynchronizer

fjl updated this revision to Diff 1605.Nov 23 2018, 8:55 AM

Fix a bug in cache handling: Global Resources and Global Address List need distinct caches.

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I'm unable to arc patch your differential. It's because somehow you used .orig files. Either fix it or tell me what author (email and name) I should use for the manual commit.

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Having no prior experience at all with Phabricator, I unfortunately have no idea what kind patch formatting Differential expects. We're adding diffs using plain patch command which has no issues with referring to *.orig. So it would be great if you could do a manual commit. Thank you!

  • Achim Leitner
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