room color overhaul

Authored by bohlender on Feb 17 2021, 5:56 PM.


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  • The grey status icons without the slash, do not indicate the muted state properly. Use red background here or icons with expunction element.
  • Enabled (muted) sound and video buttons have different size, which is not nice.
  • Screen sharing and hand button do not work. Some code still uses .text-danger to get the button state.
  • Browser tests need to be modified (.text-danger class)
  • Shouldn't the chat button also have the switched-on state when the chat widget is visible? The same as the hand or mute buttons.
  • I think there's too many elements in gray scale, the UI looks sad.
  • The chat background is too dark, the textarea does not look great with such a background.
  • If you join the room as a subscriber, the mute buttons are html-disabled, but have the background set, this looks strange. I don't know maybe the buttons (not icons) should be smaller, or just should not indicate switched-on state when disabled.
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