add some information on the current release version

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some releases are previews, some are for production use .. we need
to be more explicit here. also add some info about KS AG

advantages of subscriptions

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Would this subject be better suitable for inclusion in the installation guide, or be a front-page "About" or "Introduction" type of section article?

I would like to point you to as linked from the front page, and suggest we consider making the title stronger, and the (set of) article(s) stronger with the content proposed in this differential.

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This can be made <backtick>Kolab Systems AG<backtick>_

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These numbered items can be better indented and separated line title items from explanatory text in order to both render better, as well as be more legible in their plain text versions. In and by itself very minor, might just get around to it whenever.

Other benefits of subscriptions include;

  • Inclusion of package enhancements and updates not a part of the stock distribution repositories,
  • All versions of packages released ever remain available (yum downgrade),
  • GPG signed with trusted keys on controlled infrastructure,
  • Fast-tracks available,
  • Additional H/A, L/B, config mgmt and audit infrastructure software and consultancy

This will need to be templated like with the other comment I'm making later on.


Please use a :ref: where possible -- in this case, a ref anchor will need to be added to the actual document referred to.


I would propose using a |text| type templateor, such as |KE14| currently getting replaced with (badly transcripted in markup) :orange:<backtick>Kolab Enterprise 14<backtick>.

A templateor proposed could be |recommended_stable|. This would include a modification to rst_prolog in source/ to include the new templateor thingy.


I thought the platform for this type of entitlement sales was going to be Kolab Now, correct?

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recommended_stablemakes sense. I will implement that and update this differential.

It will be, but we're not there yet. When we have the ability to sell on-site licensing on kolab now, then this documentation will need updating.

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  • improve wording and layout
  • name conformity, templates for release recommendations, use of ref

Typo: "become the recomended release" should be "recommended"

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