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Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.kolab.org/diffusion/KS

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Integrate kolabResource objectclass type definition of #3464 
Nov 28 2014
Add 'owner' among the allowed attributes for a kolabSharedFolder 
Jul 31 2014
Add an attribute to hold descriptions of attributes (of a resource), such as: 
Jul 31 2014
Fix typo: kolab2 -> kolab3 
Jan 22 2013
Remove rootDSE, rename kolab2 => kolab3 
Sep 12 2012
Make kolabSharedFolder objectclass AUXILIARY rather than STRUCTURAL (#854) 
Jun 21 2012
Also add the kolabDelegate attributeType to the kolabSharedFolder objectClass 
Jun 21 2012
Add the kolabTargetFolder attributeType to the kolabSharedFolder objectClass 
Jun 21 2012
Add attributeType kolabTargetFolder 
Jun 21 2012
f6ca39bf7fa1Jeroen van Meeuwen (Ergo Project)
Rename kolabAllowSMTPFrom to kolabAllowSMTPSender for clarity, and adjust the… 
Jun 29 2011
a499f2f4734aJeroen van Meeuwen (Ergo Project)
Add the optional 'alias' attribute to the kolabSharedFolder objectClass 
May 4 2011
efd098a0a5b6Jeroen van Meeuwen (Ergo Project)
Update kolab2.ldif to match the kolab2.schema kolabGroupOfUniqueNames definition 
May 4 2011
01069967274eJeroen van Meeuwen (Ergo Project)
Strip down the schema to the relevant attributeTypes and objectClasses to… 
May 4 2011
6c15376d3deaThomas Arendsen Hein
remerge refactor-kolabd (including recorded renames) 
Oct 11 2010
5da8d5031407Thomas Arendsen Hein
merge refactor-kolabd (including recorded renames) with old branch 
Oct 11 2010
f27ad2f6e050Thomas Arendsen Hein
merge heads 
Oct 11 2010
a5cbbaccee84Thomas Arendsen Hein
Dummy merge: Mark 2.2-stable as merged into default up to point of migration 
Oct 11 2010
754e830b715aGunnar Wrobel
Merged refactor-kolabd. 
Sep 23 2010
9f645eec8696Gunnar Wrobel
Merged refactor-kolab-webadmin. 
Sep 23 2010
e949e1b27e4bGunnar Wrobel
Merge with remote fix. 
Sep 14 2010
86a305d2bb9dGunnar Wrobel
Merged branch 'default' 
Sep 13 2010
d68d0552fa32Gunnar Wrobel
Sep 13 2010
31787fd53afdGunnar Wrobel
kolab/issue3245 (Remove horde.schema and rfc2739.schema from kolab-server/slapd. 
Jul 17 2010
0a616a7348f3Gunnar Wrobel
Fix broken commits on the kolab schema. 
Jul 8 2009
3f0004bb8131Martin Konold
Martin Konold: Added new attribute which contains a comma separated list of… 
Jun 22 2009
82ed400fb486Martin Konold
MArtin Konold: Added many new attributes and objectclasses for future use. (ob… 
Jun 5 2009
dd4f409171eeMathieu Parent
*** empty log message *** 
Apr 26 2009
9636d5ebf743Thomas Arendsen Hein
Add user attribute kolabHomeServerOnly to create user mailbox on the… 
Feb 9 2009
63648bbefc6aThomas Arendsen Hein
kolab2.schema: Add postfix-message-size-limit as MAY to kolab object. 
Feb 9 2009
534aa109c2f8Thomas Arendsen Hein
Renamed LDAP attribute postfix-message_size_limit to postfix-message-size-limit. 
Jan 30 2009
57af2d555cb8Martin Konold
Martin Konold: Made postfix message size limit configurable via LDAP while… 
Jan 7 2009
e5fe6127da08Thomas Arendsen Hein
kolab2.schema: Added new attributes to MAY list of k=kolab object: cyrus-smmap… 
Dec 11 2008
1175ca57de04Thomas Arendsen Hein
kolab2.schema consistency fix: no tabs 
Dec 11 2008
7ac9fa17c0e4Martin Konold
Martin Konold: Added 3 new attributes. Fixed issue#3298 (illegal OID) 
Dec 9 2008
f0689e077606Martin Konold
Martin Konold: Added a boolean for smmapd (Sendmail socket map support (smmapd)… 
Dec 8 2008
1bdc7ecaf4bdRichard Bos
horde.schema: updated to the latest version available in horde cvs… 
Sep 10 2008
f3ae6ddd4285Thomas Arendsen Hein
Upgrading from Kolab server 2.1 is documented 
Jul 16 2008
9dc91622d08aGunnar Wrobel
Remove non-functional line (Reported by: Marcus Hüwe). 
Dec 8 2007
d66c9468ef94Thomas Arendsen Hein
Fix kolab/issue934 (Remove FTP FreeBusy Service (proftpd)) 
Oct 17 2007
183cafb38acfThomas Arendsen Hein
Add kolabAllowSMTPRecipient changes to LDAP again. (without the unfinished web… 
Sep 25 2007
aaa5a98f4865Gunnar Wrobel
Reverted kolabAllowSMTPRecipient changes for kolab_2_2_branch: cvs diff -u -d… 
Jul 27 2007
746a8bee3dddMartin Konold
Martin Konold: Access control to 'kolabAllowSMTPRecipient' is limited to domain… 
Jul 2 2007
ed64bb039fafMartin Konold
Martin Konold: Add two new attributes 'kolabAllowSMTPRecipient' and… 
Jul 2 2007
73d09cb99b2bGunnar Wrobel
2007-05-07 Gunnar Wrobel <p@rdus.de> 
May 7 2007
fa7204194e54Thomas Arendsen Hein
Reverting martin's commit from Mon, 29 Jan 2007 01:04:55 +0100 (CET) (changing… 
Feb 2 2007
47a63dfe12a2Martin Konold
Martin Konold: rfc2252 only allows a single space character in continuation… 
Jan 29 2007
ac9b450303eaBernhard Reiter
Removed doubled attribute cyrus-autocreatequota,thanks to "Marc-Antoine Zizka". 
Aug 8 2006
7d2608118dd6Martin Konold
Martin Konold: Some clarifications 
Apr 10 2006
8ad793e00bbcMartin Konold
Martin Konold: Better make it explicit that a folder can only have a single… 
Mar 27 2006
8acb5ccf3d1eMartin Konold
Martin Konold: Added kolabFolderType and improved some documentation. 
Mar 26 2006