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Authored by Filippo Tessarotto <zoeslam@gmail.com> on Feb 9 2019, 11:35 AM.
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Merged Changes

9f169c3bf6f0Filippo Tessarotto
Disable modernize_types_casting 
Oct 23 2017
33f3a06da32fFilippo Tessarotto
Disable yoda_style 
Oct 23 2017
c74d3d4af699Filippo Tessarotto
Try to run CS_CHECK on PHP 7.0 for faster execution 
Oct 23 2017
8125169cf15aFilippo Tessarotto
Re-enable braces and elseif 
Oct 23 2017
c1edfe3437dcFilippo Tessarotto
Add PHP-CS-Fixer rules 
Oct 23 2017