Use better entropy sources in gen_message_id()

Authored by oittaa <oittaa@users.noreply.github.com> on Jun 7 2017, 5:15 PM.


Use better entropy sources in gen_message_id()

While collisions are unlikely, it might be a good idea to use random_bytes, when it's available.
Also add base 36 encoded time stamp to the local part.

The best practices for message ids seem to be:

  • Append "<".
  • Get the current (wall-clock) time in the highest resolution to which you have access (most systems can give it to you in milliseconds, but seconds will do);
  • Generate 64 bits of randomness from a good, well-seeded random number generator;
  • Convert these two numbers to base 36 (0-9 and A-Z) and append the first number, a ".", the second number, and an "@". This makes the left hand side of the message ID be only about 21 characters long.
  • Append the FQDN of the local host, or the host name in the user's return address.
  • Append ">".



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