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Merged Changes

a82a22267e29Sandro Knauß
Set INSTALL_PATH to /var/lib/roundcube/ in bin/cleandb.sh 
Aug 10 2017
f93b33a756fcSandro Knauß
make update script work together with debian package manager. 
Aug 10 2017
5ba274e0df14Sandro Knauß
Avoid fetching jQuery from Google, use the embedded one. 
Aug 10 2017
bb50332eb016Sandro Knauß
map sqile3 to sqlite 
Aug 10 2017
a5b41e2d55a2Sandro Knauß
Switch to UTF-8 as default charset 
Aug 10 2017
4ee0b3f821f6Sandro Knauß
Fix size of login box to accommodate sk_SK locale 
Aug 10 2017