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Our History
QUANZHOU FANGHUA IMPORT&EXPORT CO.,LTD was established in 2009 at Quanzhou Fujian Province of China. we are specializes in research and development, designation marketing and production of wiper balde. during past 10 years, We have built our own sale net in whole china and abroad. Relying on many years of a high reputation and good service in the international market, jacars wiper blades have built excellent business relationships with customers from all over the world.

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have large production ability mobile concrete truck factory
Mobile concrete mixer, is a combination of concrete truck and concrete mixing station function as a whole, set the concrete charge, measurement, mixing, out in one, and can achieve the concrete transport and on-site concrete construction operations mixing equipment, The equipment is fast and efficient, greatly improving the production efficiency and reduce the production time and cost. Applicable to all kinds of special environment, crowded urban areas and remote areas of concrete construction.
The following are the same as the "
The car is simple and efficient and efficient features are mainly reflected in the following areas:
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Loading: Based on the unique hinge hydraulic shovel, can easily and accurately loaded ingredients; bucket built-in blade can automatically cut open cement bags to avoid waste of raw materials; all ingredients from the bucket on the smooth and fast into the mixing cylinder.
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Stirring: Aggregate and cement After entering the agitator cylinder, the mixture can be perfectly blended by the automatic pressurized water flow in the double bucket. Unique double snail to ensure the quality of mixing and concrete quality, with electronic weighing system.
The following are the same as the "
Shipping: four-wheel drive chassis, full hydraulic drive, perfect to adapt to a variety of complex terrain, full load can be on the 30 ° slope.
The following are the same as the "
Discharge: The operator uses the operating lever through the 270 ° rotary mixing bucket, pouring concrete at a height of 2m around the vehicle.
The following are the same as the "
Operation: Equipped with a fully equipped cab, equipped with a ergonomic design of the pilot operating rod, the driver through a handle can control all the major operations.
The following are the same as the "
Safety: equipped with anti-roll - anti-fall protection system, so that equipment in harsh environments for the driver to improve the comprehensive protectionmixer trucks price

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Water eddy current grinding machine product Introduction
Water eddy current grinding machine is a kind of powder processing equipment advanced level, Our company is the introduction of Germany advanced powder machine technology, through assimilate innovation from the development. Advanced structural principles of the machine, the world's most advanced mechanism-ultrasonic grinding and spray function, resulting in high-frequency vibration, continuous work, with simultaneous drying and pulverizing the dual function. The machine is a suitable inorganic, organic crushed generic special pulverizer solved at room temperature for ultra-fine grinding of special materials, polyvinyl alcohol, PVC, PE, fibrous materials and metal magnesium etc. Almost all heat-sensitive materials can be low melting point ultrafine grinding. Widely used in deep processing chemicals, dyes, plastics, plant fiber, herbs,non-metallic minerals, food and other industries crushing, product size up to 3 ~ 5mm.
I would appreciate if you can advise us know the following tips if you want to send product inquiry to us,

  1. What material you want to grind, is it dry, what is the size of feed material ?
  2. What capacity you expect ? (kg/h)
  3. What mesh or mm or micron(size) of the powder you want?

4 ) What voltage you want? For example, 380V 50hz 3p; 440V 60Hz,3p; 220V...etc.
(We only provide 3P, because our machines are all for industrial use,not for family.)

  1. Usually we use stainless steel 304, if you want stainless steel 316, it's OK and please tell us.

We know that a good and satisfying powder grinding mill manufacturer and supplier should not only provide high quality products, but also complete customer services.
we provide the following services:
current grinder Technical support
Upon receiving the deposit, we will offer the following technical services:

  1. Design for your production line flow and equipment layout, free of charge;
  2. Provide foundation drawings of customer-ordered grinding mills and drawings of related parts, etc;
  3. Technical parameters of peripheral equipment will be supplied;
  4. Free technical suggestions on adjusting of equipment layout and application.
  5. Equipment upgrading (customers need to pay the cost);

Eddy current grinding machine Quality assurance

  1. Strictly conforming to ISO9001-2000 quality management system;
  2. Strict control from purchasing inspection, process inspection to final proofing;
  3. Established several QC departments to execute quality control regulations;
  4. Detailed quality control examples:

(1) Complete files for quality control and quality feedback;
(2) Strict inspection for the components of our grinding mills, to assure products free of damage and avoid rust-eaten and paint peeling off later on.
(3) Only qualified components will be assembled and total equipment must be inspected completely before sale.
After sale service

    1. The quality assurance date is one year after commissioning. And after that, we will collect the cost if provide repairing for your equipment.
  1. Maintenance for equipment failure caused by improper handling (appropriate cost will be collected).
  2. We offer the components with favorable price and perdurable maintenance.
  3. If equipment repairing is needed after quality assurance date is expired, we will collect maintenance cost.

Wuxi Think Machinery co.,ltd
Mob: 0086-13918693047
Tel: 0086-510-83579956
Fax: 0086-510-83507297
Add:N0.19 Wanshou road,Qianzhou industrial zone,Huishan district,Wuxi city.
Website: http://www. wxblastmachine.comGrinding Machines Bench price

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Our History
"We are a young, enthusiastic start-up team from China and about to deliver you the ultimate fun and useful lifestyle-innovation of the season! It has been developed in order to create the right product to perfectly relax anywhere:Yirabbit® brings you not only air sofa relaxation of life!"
Our team consists of highly educated experts from different fields to guarantee highest quality standards in our products by creating a symbiosis of material,technology,functionality and design.We are producing environmentally and ecologically friendly which includes the choice of material and production.
Our network of partner companies around the globe gives us the possibility to sell worldwide. Please check out our videos online at our Facebook Page or Instagram for more up to date information and send us photos of your air sofa to get featured online.
Our Factory

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System Description
The molding compound (putty) is a cold applied, flexible, non hardening compound that is designed to fill gaps and irregular contour prior to the application of XUNDA butyl tape & bitumen tape.
Product Composition
The molding compound is formulated with inert organic fillers in a saturated hydrocarbon polymer base.
Product Features
Easily applied with no special equipment
Conformable for easy applications over irregular surfaces
Flexibility over a wide temperature range and under various conditions.
Product Properties
Property Test MethodTypical Value
Non volatile content
Cone Penetration ASTM
Adhesion to concrete , steel
Resistance to Acids ,Alkalis and Salts
Resistance to Microbiological attack
Temperature Range

For Application For Service

Ordering Information
Xunda molding compound are available in drums
Product TypeStandard Ordering Options
Paste ColorBlack or others
Paste Weight per Carton box8 kgOther Pipe Coating supplier

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