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Cloth Duct Tape
The cloth tape is made of polyethylene and gauze fiber as the base material and coated with high-viscosity synthetic glue. It has strong peel force and tensile force, is resistant to grease, anti-aging, high temperature resistance, waterproof and anti-corrosion. High-adhesive tapes with a large adhesive strength make this product not only attractive and colorful, but also very versatile. It is a carpet adhesive firm and necessary.
Safe and non-toxic
Strong adhesiveness Easy to peel off No residue
High anti-strain
Easy to tear, high tensile strength
No deforming and curving
Waterproof, leak proof, moisture proof

Heavy cargo packing. Protecting surface of machines from rust, resistance moidture and scratch. Carpet jointing and affixing. Wire and telephone wire protection. For industrial bunding affixing jointing. Sealing and protecting. Book revamped. File classified.Handle anti-slip.

Our services and advantages
We have new tape development, and secondly we have advanced equipment to confirm performance. Third, we have the best tape engineers to design a personalized solution and provide the best after-sales service. We don't just deal with orders, our goal is to precisely meet the individual needs of our customers.Cloth Tape manufacturers

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