Thunderbird + TbSync + DAV-4-TbSync recognize readonly shared calendar as fully read/write.
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ii pykolab 0.8.14-0~kolab2 all Kolab Groupware daemon and utilities

Debian Stretch 9.11

Hello devs,
it seems that iRony is sending/advertising full read/write access for shared readonly calendars falsely.
This problem is reproducible with Thunderbird + TbSync + DAV-4-TbSync.
Shared readonly addressbooks are not affected.

I have contacted the developer for TbSync + DAV-4-TbSync and send him a debug.log from TbSync Manager.
This report clearly shows that iRony is advertising full read/write access instead of readonly.

This bug leads to invitation problems I have already described here...

Please fix.


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My report seems to be a duplicate of T2157.