Roundcube Next Update
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What’s the status of an update on Roundcube Next?

Backers like myself would like to know, and an official statement from Kolab should follow, explaining whether the project is discontinued entirely or placed on hold.

If discontinued entirely, how can refunds be processed for backers? If on hold, when Might development continue? What are the constraints, and reasons development have been delayed? What are also the reasons for non-communication?

The situation has been unattended for close to four years, so it is certainly safe to say that backers like myself are more than entitled to an update, and I hope the chief proprietor of Kolab @vanmeeuwen will act with integrity and provide such update.


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Please @vanmeeuwen can we get some comment here as a matter of urgency?

Would you @vanmeeuwen be able to make some comment here in the relevance and validity of these sources, and further how backers like myself can go about claiming a refund if the project is suspended permanently.

@machniak As @vanmeeuwen is the person behind much of Roundcube 1, are you inclined or able to comment in any capacity whilst we wait for comment from Jeroen?

@machniak @bruederli are you not inclined to request @vanmeeuwen to offer some form explanation to break this impasse? it cannot go on forever without comment