Adding multiple recipients for an e-mail/particpipants
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When writing an e-mail for some participants it was unclear how to enter multiple recipients. Pressing enter doesn't work, and when you just put spaces between the recipients it also doesn't. Nonetheless the programms lets you do it so you tipped all the e-mails to only then see that all the emails became one when you're all done.

Instead making spaces in the e-mail address field should not be possible. There should be an info box pup-up telling you that you can segregate e-mails by commas. If you forgot to segregate 2 e-mails there should also be the option to change them even after putting a comma after them.

Steps to reproduce (e-mail):

  1. Write e-mail.
  2. Add participant.
  3. Add another participant by separating them by spaces.

Steps to reproduce (when adding participants):

  1. Create event.
  2. Click on "Teilnehmer".
  3. Add participant.
  4. Add another participant by putting spaces between the 2.

Actual results:
You can enter another e-mail after putting in spaces, but it doesn't separate them really.

Expected results:
Either you just can't separate e-mail addresses by spaces or when doing so the programm actually sees them separate.


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I find it more confusing that you can enter multiple participants altogether when adding them to an event (like I also commented in the ticket for this). I would prefer if for both options (entering multiple emails recipients as well as entering multiple event participants) after entering one email and pressing enter, the email is marked as complete, so you can´t write any further). Marking could be for example a box around the email adress.

I don't understand what you mean @M.Gruber