Different creation of reminder
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The amount of options for creating a reminder are confusing and not necessary.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create event.
  2. Set reminder.

Actual results:
You have loads of options and some of them are not clear.
Expected result:
When selecting a reminder, you only get the option of setting the time and date of the reminder. For the date, the default is set to the day of the event itself.

When moving the event, a pop-up should appear, asking if the reminder should me moved as well or not.


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Bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob wir das auch schon irgendwann früher in einem Ticket behandelt haben?

ben99 added a subscriber: ben99.Feb 5 2019, 7:05 PM

I suggest reducing this feature as follows: only select the value and unit (eg minutes, hours, ...); For example: "1" and "hour" for reminder 1 hour before the event is happening. In expert mode maybe include the possibility to create reminders after the event has happened etc.

@ben99 I agree. if there are two selection fields (one for the number, the other for the timeinterval, like minutes) WITHOUT the third selection field it is way more intuitive. If "before the event" and the two search fields have desciptions like "1, 2, ..."and "minutes, hours, days, ..." and by clicking on the search field you can choose between those it would be easier to handle.

EsIsl added a subscriber: EsIsl.Feb 7 2019, 5:05 PM

Why have the options of "before the event" at all? Wouldn´t it be a good alternative just to type in the time for the reminder as well? Keep it in the same format as the other settings as well?

@EsIsl what happens when the event gets moved to a different time slot?

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