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Perforated metal curtain wall using perforated metal panel to be decoration plate, combined with supporting structure. The curtain wall is kind of decoration structure which do not share the stress born by main building, with movement capability, with protection function of building exterior.
The common perforated metal curtain wall are mainly in aluminium, recently year stainless steel use more for the texture seems better after fabrication. The curtain wall unit also should be with the function of fire proof, sound insulation, wind resistance, earthquake proof.
Perforated metal curtain wall normally need fabricated into irregular shape according to customized design for each building. Maybe need assemble together with support structure. The two reason lead the unit shape maybe big very big. So need to packed by big wooden cases, and deliver in container.
Established stable cooperation with famous decoration companies, elevator companies, facade companies. Supply stainless steel flat panel, fabricated elevator parts, facade unit to customers.
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