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Getting back to the calendar after searching for an event
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When searching for an event in the calendar it appears in the agenda section. By clicking on it, a pop-up window appears, where you can edit the event. A screening-test showed, that there was the wish to be able to view the searched event in the calendar (possibly in the monthly view). By adding a "Show in calendar" button, the user would be able to see the event in a wider time frame.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Search for an event.
  2. Click on the searched event.

Expected result: To have a "Show in calendar" button in the pop-up window.

Actual result: Not having that option.

Capture 345.PNG (939×1 px, 49 KB)


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Event Timeline

bohlender triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Dec 14 2018, 11:57 AM

I agree with this ticket. I would definitely like to have a "show in calendar" button in the popup.