update kolab cyrus from 2.5.8- to 2.5.9
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Since cyrus-imapd 2.5.9 (Released today) fixes at least three bugs relevant in our setup, we'd like to ask for an update/new kolab enterprise 14 package:

Bug fixes
Fixed: imapd now proxies LIST (special-use) to backend (thanks John Capo)
Fixed: sync_client handles its shutdown file more reliably (thanks John Capo)
Fixed: httpd no longer crashes with assertion failure on shutdown after CalDAV has been used
Fixed bugzilla #3938: squat search now handles pre-2.5 cyrus.squat data
Fixed Issue #5: twoskip database I/O performance in unlocked foreach
various build system improvements


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I think that's something related to Jeroen...

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would you like to change the status of this to some other Status than open? As far as I see now a kolab package for 2.5.9 exists right now.

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got new Version here