Preserve important old aci and inetdomainbasedn attributes of the mgmt and hosted domain

Authored by dhoffend on Jan 17 2020, 12:22 AM.



This changes preservers the inetdomainbasedn for hosted and management
when they're getting edited in the kolab-webadmin when hosted_mode is activated.

Test Plan

Edit the mgmt or hosted domain using cn=Directory Manager. Your
inetdomainbased will change from dc=hosted,dc=com to,dc=hosted,dc=com

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Sidenote: when the inetDomainBaseDN of the hosted domain changes, kolabd will not detect the domain as primary_domain anymore and therefore stops creating new mailboxes for all hosted domains under hosted_domain_rootdn. It's important that inetDomainBaseDN doesn't get modified by accident.

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